To the dark side

These days I was reading my description of the blog ” come to the dark side”. IN that moment i thought it’s funny, still it is, but what really means dark side?

Let me point you what really means dark side:

  1. As I started to travel and taste the vibe and the feeling of exploring I am trying my limits, it is like listening this song. I feel pleasure, my body is just flying. This moment will last forever and you would like to test it over and over again.
  2. Coincidence or not, but I started to be more open minded. And it’s not only about people, but being open minded with myself and understand better my personality: what I like and what not, where i would like to go in my next trip, where the sun is shinier and where the grass is softer, it’s like going to the shopping, but in your own mind. As I travel a few countries I can say that I have already a few preferences, like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Canada. I feel really nice in this countries and there is a lot to search and explore.
  3. Traveling means from my point of view “minimalism”, I still work on that but I can say I made some progress, so YOU be ready to quitting some stuff, first of all to have easy luggage and to not broke the back, this is really important, trust me! (even I am not an engineer) .
  4. This dark side made me to skillful. Skilful – to search cheaper, easier, faster ways to travel.
  5. And of course but not the last a lot of new people, new people new relations, new relations, new reasons to travel, traveling – happiness, and comm’on it’s soo funny when you have the right person around me, you, everyone with who to travel or to whom to travel, you pick!


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