The truth behind traveling

For this Christmas vacation we decided to visit Italy, everything looked perfect: cheap tickets, good weather, free accommodation, money to spend and of course a positive attitude.

If you are from Romania and looking for cheap tickets, you should know that in Timișoara and Bucharest there are really cheap one from Ryanair. We prepared our luggage, some food and flew to our first destination: Milano. Sounds like a dreamlike vacation, BUT IT’S NOT!

Let me tell you what happened in reality in our eurotrip: after we arrived in Milan we found out that our free accommodation had some unexpected troubles. God bless internet, because we manage to find a hostel just in time and enough cheap.

Look how beautiful Milan is at night!


Lucky us we had where to sleep, to take a shower, to rest after a long way of searching the location in this big Milan. You should know that Italians are very polite people. They explained us, at 10 p.m. how to arrive to our destination and in the same time making jokes about it. It wasn’t funny (for us). The day after, we wanted to explore the city, but guess with whom? – With our heavy luggage.


We had a good time, when we were making some short stop to rest our bodies, especially the break in a hidden coffee shop in the center of the city where you can have a tasty cappuccino with a chocolate croissant for only 4.30 euro.


Or to eat one of the best american cheesecake made by italians for 5 euro.


This is pretty cheap for Milan!

Milan is a wonderful city; you can find so many interesting things: like some forgotten streets, old doors or just listen to how Italians speak to each other full of emotions and inspiration.


Their life style is made of history, because wherever you go you see beauty in details, people, food, architecture.



This post was written to show you, that every experience and trip needs to be lived with all their struggles, problems, heavy luggage and bad weather.


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