360 Degrees.

Do you know what can make you be/feel a SUPERSTAR? I will tell you WHAT! A Bicycle. A simple usable Two-Wheeled Transport which can change your road at 360 degrees, every time you press the pedals. This cheap machinery is the best equipament to save some money and time. Or, if you are looking to loose some weight, buy a bicycle– the easiest way to be in shape.

It’s been already 3 months that I got my baby bicycle and my lifestyle changed a lot. I will tell 5 reasons WHY you should ride a bike:

  1. CHEAP. From the time I got the Tansport-Wheeled Transport I don’t really use the public transport. I started to save some money coming back from work, because I stopped to use the bus or the taxi. It’s faster, easier and you feel only the fresh air and the wind under your the arms.
  2. HEALTHY. I am not that kind of person who likes to practice sports, but the time that I spend riding the bicycle help me to stay fit. And I feel that I kinda lose (hope so)  some weight.
  3. FAST&FURIOS. When you have a bicycle you have your own schedule. It’s enough to wait or to be late for the bus, or to not have money to buy a ticket or to put combustil in your car. Put some energy in your body and go wherever your eyes see.
  4. DAMN COOL. Do you want to impress someone, the bike will give the right attitude. It is so simple to look cool. Choose the favourite playlist, put the headphone and go outside and smile to everyone.IMAG1579
  5. INSTRUCTION. In my opinion, before you will have a car you should have a bicycle. It’s a easy way to find out if you can follow some rules, if you are attentive to the road and if you can lead a machinery. Riding a bicycle have some similar driving regulations like driving a car.

Don’t think to much, don’t waist your time and bake your body in the public transport, choose the bicycle, ride the bicycle, go out with the bicycle. This acquisition is the best way to invest your money and time. Trust me, choose the Two-Wheeled Transport!


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