I found them on facebook

I was thinking what makes me happy when I am bored or tired or just lost in the roomspace. In this kind of moments I am not doing a shit. Maybe scrolling the facebook, looking at attic hoping that the inspiration will fall straight in my head. Yeah, yeah, you will say “do something giiirl, lift your ass from the chair and read something,go for a walk!”…



Wrong! In the social media I can find a lot of interesting things. Facebook is a waste of time, definitely, but as many others I am a little bit adicted, just a little. The point is, while I was spending my precious time for nothing, I noticed a music band. They are making covers of different songs or sing their own and they are fuc*ing awesome! And believe I am not a fan of cover, but they a too damn goodAnnenMayKantereit an young deutsche music band, so dreadful wonderful, if I can say that. Even the german songs didn’t scare me, they  are pretty easy to be understand, I mean not the words, but the rythme, the ability to mix various instruments and the beautiful male voice – make a work of art.


Where is my happiness?  Is already for a few days in their music. Their voice, attitude. Every song is made in a special and original way. From the first accord I fall in love with them, because I discovered a simplity, an energy, a passion, in some how ME. Finally I meet someone that can describe my feelings or opposite I feel my emotions because of them (as if I don’t feel enough). So, if you have a long night or happy mornings, or looking just for a good music you should listen them.


They obsolutely charmed me and convinced that they have a big talent and they do a hard work on their performances.


Dears, bears… If you are looking to diversify your playlist I recommend You to listen AnnenMayKantereit, probably you can find your mood.  Give them a chance and they will carry in the Town Musicians of Bremen.



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