A lifetime of benefits


If you are still thinking to make some new friends from others countries, DON’T! Having friends all over the world is the biggest  luxury that can offer your life. Being open minded, polite and friendly with unknown people is not an irresponsible  or an unthinking action, it’s just a modality to discover new culture, stories or experiences of life.

This way I made new friends from different countries that over the years we are still in touch, thanks to internet and sometime postcards. Even we speak rarely, I keep in my soul and PC all the memories and adventures that we made together. This relation is stronger than just a “HI”, distance-friendly-relationship is built on an invisible connection that I can’t explain.

That why, I would like to write WHY is good to make friends abroad.

  1. Culture– you are from west, the others from east, you have different culture but when you meet the best thing to speak about it’s your culture. Dance, food, language, tradition is very funny to find that you are not so different, on the contrary your moves in dance are similar, you have some common words and you celebrate the same holidays. IMAG0873
  2. Learning-You learn to accept people for their differences. International friendship is made for that kind of people who can see below surface and level judgments and societal norms.received_10154012062155909
  3. Party– day or night, party is always a good decision. Having fun make people closer, more relaxed and funnier. The party atmosphere is magic, making you to forget all the fears-language barrier, your shyness or just the bad mood that you had convert into a nothingness problem.IMAG1127
  4. Relationship – on our planet a more 7 billion people, and meeting new person you can find your love, because this feeling don’t see any obstacles. It’s stronger than language, religion or your skin color.IMAG0724
  5. Travel – my favorite thing in having friends abroad, is that I can travel and in the same time visit my lovely friends. They are the best guide, the best company and it’s cheaper. They can host you, show you the coziest places of the city and with them you can enjoy your time and to not stress about time or if you are lost, they are your body.IMAG0907

Istanbul was the city that gave me the bestfriends with who I could taste the Turkish traditions, culture and live for a few days in EuroAsia.


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