4 piercings, still alive

At this moment I have 4 piercing and I love them!

When I was around 14 I started dreaming about a piercing in my nose, it came from the indian movies I use to watch . All those actrisses were so full of passion, love and power. I wanted to be like them, to believe in love until the end of life! I found them very attractive, but my mom wasn’t thinking the same, so I quitted that idea until 2015 when feeling old enough and full of courage, I did it! I put a pierce in my nose. Even I was so proud of me, I could not imagine my family’s reaction. What will they say? I tried to hide my new acquisition for 4 month, till the winter vacation came. Before I met them I started to prepare my self emotionally- making speeches in my head, working at my reaction, in case that my brother will make fun of me, and finding courage for my explanation about my desire to have this kind of piercing.

I was better prepared than a soldier, ready to defy the enemy. ROCKY is back! The crucial day arrived, and I was determined to not give up on my decision.

The day I met them I had a big smile on my face, happy to see my family and then…..nothing. Complete silence. No comments about my look. “Something is happening” I said to myself, I was waiting for their critics but they didn’t came. Do you know that felling when you are so f*cking scared and you make all kind of scenarios about what will happen? I couldn’t resist and asked my mom if she sees some changes on my face. She said “YES”….. just one simple word. In my head was a war, a revolution, a fight that faded at one YES. My family wasn’t surprised, I mean they were, but after the other 3 piercings they didn’t say anything, I guess.

   The first one I got in my tooth as a present for passing all my exams in the middle school. The other two piercings in my left ear as a caprice, my mom  tried to make me change my mind about the one in my nose

I was always a “good kid”, trying to make my parents proud, so my piercings were not a reason to annoy them, like a normal teenager would do, it was just my sense of beauty and I still think the same. Even if they didn’t agree my point of view, they accepted my decisions. I mean, that’s what makes a family to be united, right?!? My piercing doesn’t change the way I am, it’s just a way to express my feelings.

In the end, what makes you happy, will make your family happy! Follow your dreams and stick to your decisions!

P.S: I wasn’t high when I did my piercings, just young.

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