Another city?

Staying at home with your family and surrounded by friends is amazing. Always having hot meals, pocket money and no worries is the best way to live your life, but at some point you need to grow up and take responsibilities in your own hands.

I made my change when the time came and I totally advice you to do the same. Start a new chapter and don’t be afraid of it or scared to meet new people, to learn something new,to try your limits and follow your dreams!

I learned good things being far away from my family. And this 6 points will show you what you can get by living in another city.


By trying something new,you go out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to make some changes. Even it scares you, don’t go back, just look in the future and focus all your energy  on the goals. Believe me, the power of your mind is unlimited.


2. Ability to learn

Now, when you are in a new place you have to learn the streets, buses, markets, etc. Even if you get lost, ask people for help, memorize the routes and take notes. Try to pay attention to the details, for example the houses, the colors, the stations near your home or markets.


3. New friends

Moving in another city is a good opportunity to make new friends. Don’t be shy to speak to someone, to ask for their help or to share your impression about the city. Start with “Hi!” and the conversation will rise.


4. Adventures

Okay, you are shy, nervous, a little bit confused, but this is not a reason to stay at home. To explore the city you don’t need to be with someone. Print a map or use your phone to move around the city. Try their food, speak with the locals and discover the beauty of this new place. Just choose some good music, find some courage and go out to “scan”  the city.


5. New identity

Everyone has their reasons to move in another city. Some to study, travelling or maybe to start a new life. New city is like a new fresh air. You can try things which maybe at home you were to afraid of (or because your mom didn’t allow you).



6. Happiness

If you want to make this change you should be ready to make some sacrifices. Working hard to be a part of a new society is difficult and you should be prepare for all the obstacles, because they will come and they will pass. That’s life! Be optimistic and believe in your self, mofo’!


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