Rediscover your city

          I think everyone had that feeling after a while: every day is the same, you go to the same marketplace, hang out in the same bars, take the same bus to school. I mean, nothing is wrong with that, the daily routine is just a part of our life, either we like it or not, but from time to time we can snap out of it, and here is how…

1.Try another road

        If you are a student for example, you wake up every day to go to class, you take the shortest route to be there on time. Try to wake up a earlier, and go by foot, not only your health will improve but you can snap out of your routine, maybe find a cool place on a shady street you never knew it’s there, or a cool park you can hang out later, who knows, and if you choose to buy a bicycle, you will be there on time and look like a BADASS.

2.Take photos

      Even if it sounds ridiculous, “have a break have a kit-kat”, and take some photos. Rediscover the artist inside you! Try to see the the same places from different angles. I’m pretty sure your city has a lot of things you didn’t notice. And remember You don’t need a professional camera to make beautiful pictures.

3.Go to events

      I know what you are thinking “but I live in a small town, nothing is happening here!”. Don’t be lazy and shy, search for the events on google, facebook or ask your friends, I’m sure you can find something. Maybe a dance night, concert, sport competition, trust me you will never forget that experience. If nothing works do your own event. With all the social media it’s easy to connect people to do something together. Make it happen!

4.Talk to people

       Especially with tourists, they appreciate the beauty of your city. Just think about that moment when you went on a vacation and found a local there, how excited you were to talk to him and find out more about that city. Try to do the same for somebody else. This way you will make new friends, share your thoughts and improve your foreign language.

5.Be spontaneous

      Develop that part of your personality. I know it’s nice to go for a trip, or a sightseeing but sometimes the best moments are those when you just jump out of the bus and go everywhere, without a map, wherever the city takes you.

      P.S. Or you can just lock in your house and complain about how boring your life is.


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